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Software Developer in Automotive Infotainment area

Job Description:

Lifecycle domain concerns the state machine of the car (based on Linux) and consists of a group of components responsible for:
— Management of the state machine of the car (detection of the current car state)
— Communication with other system components,
— Management of hardware variants,
— Startup and Shutdown of the system and validation of its work.
As part of the work in this domain, we:
• maintenance and integrate the components,
• expand their functionality,
• test, update and write test scenarios,
• solve problems in the existing source code.

Technical requirements:

_Ready to work on site (customer’s office located in Munich, Germany) for 6+ months. In some cases, other locations are possible (Venaria Reale or Corbetta/Milano – Italy)
_Good communication skills in English.
_Good knowledge of Linux
_ At least 2 years of Embedded Software Development (Coding and Design) Experience — Pure tester experience does NOT count as SW-development experience
_ Experience in Automotive projects in production (with OEM/T1/T2), using C/C++ language
_ Experience in one of the following: Autosar, OSEK, Integrity, QNX operating systems
_ Has worked on embedded devices, has experience with embedded debuggers
_ MOST/CAN/ETHERNET/POWER MANAGEMENT, experience in 2 or more of these topics
_ Experience in Projects with A-SPICE and ISO 26262 (Automotive Safety — FuSi)
_You are a good software engineer
_ Hands-on approach to software problems
_ Capable on its own to deliver working software
_ Desired, experience in companies with good Software Engineering practices
_ Has knowledge about software design, software engineering (UML, patterns, etc)
_ You have a track record in delivering good working software with little bug count
_ Good problem analysis skills.
_ Flexibility to switch tasks depending on the project situation
_ Can effectively work on multiple projects concurrently.









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